Project management manual – construction management

A practical guideline with numerous tools and working templates on CD-ROM (available in German only)

The complexity of construction projects requires the use of modern management methodology. In this practical manual construction management is looked at comprehensively and holistically, following the project flow. Besides technical, these particularly include economical and legal aspects of a project.

Visualised through manifold tables and graphics, organisational concepts and systematic approaches are introduced, which significantly facilitate the execution of construction projects. Forms and checklists on the appendant CD-ROM provide concrete tools.

Hannsjörg Ahrens, Klemens Bastian, Lucian Muchowski,

4th updated edition 2010, 528 pgs. , manifold checklists, tables and diagrams, bound

ISBN 978-3-8167-8168-4 | Fraunhofer IRB Verlag, Previous edition;

3rd edition, 2008, ISBN 978-3-8167-7569-0


Critical acclaim:

»...This book offers practical tools not only to project controlling, but to anyone involved in the management of building design processes.« (TGA Fachplaner, issue 12-2004)



Content of 4th edition

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