BMP – Company profile

BMP – company profile

You are planning a construction, would like to invest in real estate, move into a new location or just actually find the right space for your company? We offer you the required technical and personal support.

Every project requires its own strategy. As contractor, investor or tenant you have the right to individual support. We guide and accompany you through the different processes and steer all your related matters in the right direction. Just as if they were our own. Because construction management is our business and our passion.


Team – we are best together

Team – we are best together

Everything we do, we do with and for people, their goals and their benefit. We pride ourselves of a working culture, which is based on technical and personal development. Through training and further education, we invest in know-how and customer relation.

Central to our work are team-oriented and self-reliant people who adapt their behaviour to the given situation and are clearly focussed on success. With a high degree of identification internally and with our clients.


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