BIM Management



The digitization in the building industry is the future. That also applies for the BIM planning. The question whether an owner is to use BIM or not will no longer arise in the medium-term. It will become the standard.

As the project controller and BIM manager, BMP is responsible for creating the BIM project and organizing the management processes around the virtual project on behalf of the owner. We guarantee the consistent handling of the model-based workflow and the digital information.

We are responsible for the creation, implementation and monitoring of the BIM strategy. Basing on the requirements and needs of the owner, the BIM strategy contains measures for reaching the goals and is a component of the BIM specifications, the so-called client information requirements (AIA) and the BIM execution planning (BAP).

Apart from the classical project management, the BIM management is the most important component to create a successful BIM project and to assist it during the building process. 

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