Technical project management
for technical building
equipment (TGA)




Quality assurance during the planning and execution of the technical plants
The technical project management team is the responsible contact for all topics regarding planning and building for different trades as sanitary, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, high-voltage, communications and information technology, materials handling technology and building automation as well as use-specific trades such as kitchen, laboratory and media technics. Our team consists of 4 engineers/technicians with many years of experience in the planning and execution of technical plants for all types of buildings and building utilisation.

We support our project management team from the beginning to the end of a project in all technical issues and questions relating to the technical plants. For quality assurance during planning we control the planning activities in the HOAI phases preliminary design, final design, building permission application and execution drawings on a random basis. Communication and sharing of information between the parties involved in planning as well as meeting the user specifications and observing the relevant standards and guidelines are important to us. At the end of each phase we examine the finished documents for plausibility, completeness and implementation of the user specifications and we recommend our clients to accept the services when no shortcomings are detected. In case of unsatisfactory service, the planners are requested for correction.

During the preparation of contract award and assisting the award process phases we check the performance specifications for adherence to the user specifications, plausibility of the mass estimates and quality requirements. We attend the tender examination process of the issuing authority and take part in the awarding negotiations when required. In the execution phase you will regularly find us on the building site checking the building progress and the quality. At the end of the construction period the examination of the revision documents takes place. Finally, we control the rectification of deficiencies as well as the transition to regular operation.

Costing and deadline management
Complementary to the technical assessment and control of the planning and building works of the technical trades we can rely on our extensive and actual data base with current market data when it comes to the evaluation of the expected building costs of the technical plants in the respective planning phases, feasibility studies, cost estimates and - calculation and the realisation of potential savings. We evaluate scheduling provided for plausibility and take any necessary acceleration measures in cooperation with the planners.

Consultation and evaluation
We provide comprehensive consultation with all questions around the technical building equipment. We provide technical Due Diligence studies as well as reorganization and feasibility studies. Therein we analyse and evaluate the technical plants in existing buildings, set up risk evaluations and give recommendations for action. Upon request of the client we move on site, inspect the existing technical plants, the documentations available and the collected plant data and check them for plausibility. We specify repair and maintenance need in case of malfunctions and check likewise on compliance with building authority and fire protection-technical demands.

If necessary, we examine your technical plants regarding an energetic optimization to lower the operating costs. We provide recommendations for action or actiony options and present the working results in report form.
We assist you as owner and/or users of a real estate when planning your special need (user requirement planning) and convey your requirements to the planning team. On completion of the planning we examine whether the results meet the user requirements.