Project management for planners



As the general project manager, we undertake central management tasks for the architect and all the special planning offices involved. All the planning services according to the HOAI scope of services remain with the planners.

Our tasks for the general planner team:

  • Internal contracting and cost monitoring
  • Claiming the client´s duties to cooperate, like the provision of as-built plans and (very important!) time-fair decisions
  • Monitoring the contractual obligations and the fulfilment of services
  • Guaranteeing a transparent and coordinated working
  • Observance of the overall processing time and cost-effectiveness
  • Leading and keeping the minutes of internal meetings
  • Strategy development regarding the planning process and the handling of changes

We are part of the team, apart from the technical tasks we act as an attorney-in-law for the planners and support them. We structure complex processes, making them efficient and safe. The planners can focus on the building design. Consistently coordinated procedures and consensual methods of communication on the planner's side ensure that the client and his representatives are adequately addressed.