Construction monitoring




Due to regulatory constraints and the fact, that project financiers increasingly become aware that a specialized knowledge in construction is necessary for an in-depth construction monitoring, the need for an external monitoring construction monitoring is steadily increasing.

In order to meet the demand with a consistently high quality we are actively involved in the Construction Monitoring e.V. (registered association) to develop a uniform, standardized scope of services regarding construction monitoring. Our customers are offered a high quality and effectiveness and a sophisticated methodology making it possible to translate the project progress to the special requirements of the project financiers. Thanks to qualitative and quantitative analyses, methodical approaches and transparency in the risk evaluation, projects become comparable.

For us, construction monitoring is a natural part of the active risk management with real estate projects. An early identification of risks provides project financiers and investors certainty and allows for an active project control. Our methodology in the bank monitoring and/or. construction monitoring conforms the strict requirements of the BCBS239 and the amended MaRisk (minimum requirements for risk management). Simultaneously, we can customize our reporting according to the customer requirements.